Life models sketch sessions in Tokyo

Tokyo Croquis Class (Tokyo kurokki-kai) provides weekly sessions with nude models for sketching. 
Everyone is welcome regardless of experience.

There are no instructors or lectures.

It is a place where people can draw freely.

Life drawing is a great way for artists, cartoonists, illustrators,

or designers to practice,  improve drawing style and express themselves. 


Schedule at Eifuku Aterier

Feb 25nd, 2024
March 10th, 2024

Cost of Attendance: 3,000yen (Reservation only)

POSING TIME: 2:00-4:30PM

Check-in: 1:45PM

Theme: Female Nude Sketching

Place: Eifuku Izumi Chiiki Kumin Center ATRIER (3rd Floor)

永福和泉地域区民センター 3F 工芸室


We accept reservation only. If you want to join please email us more information. Mail:


Eifuku-cho station Keio Inokashira Line(North exit), 3 minutes on foot

Eifuku-cho station is located approximately 10 minutes from Shinjuku station, Shibuya station, or Kichijoji station.   MAP: 3-8-18 Izumi, Suginami-city, Tokyo

Schedule at Bunkyo Aterier


March 23rd, 2024

Cost of Attendance: 3,000 yen (Reservation only)

POSING TIME: 2:00-4:30PM

Check-in: 1:45PM



Theme: Female Nude Sketching (*special model appearance)

Place: Bunkyo Civic Center ATLIER (B1 Floor)

文京区シビックセンター B1  文京アカデミー内 アトリエ

We accept reservation only. If you want to join please email us more information. Mail:




Tokyo Metro Korakuen station Marunouchi line (number 5, exit) Namboku Line (the 5th exit), 1 minute on foot

The Tokyo municipal subway Kasuga station Mita line Oedo Line (Bunkyo Civic Center connection point)  1 minute on foot.

Kasuga station is a 12 minute ride from Shinjuku-Nishiguchi station on the Oedo Line. 

You can access Bunkyo Civic Center directly from the subway stations through the underpass.


Posing Schedule

-Posing Schedule (A)

1. Four (4) Five minute poses

2. Two(2) Ten minute poses

3. Twenty minutes Active*

4. Two(2) Ten minute poses

5. One(1)Twenty minute poses

6. Two(2) Ten minute poses
*If no active pose available, four(4)five-minuets still poses will be used.

-Posing Schedule (C)

1.  Four (4) Five minute poses

2. Ten(10) two minute poses

3. Two(2) Ten minute poses

4. Ten(10) two minute poses

5. One(1)Twenty minute poses

6. Two(2) Ten minute poses

Rules & Policy

-Classes conducted in the same style as art school. Nude drawing and costume drawing are effective for painters, sculptors, cartoonists and other creators to investigate the human body and expand drawing skills.

-We provide different models for each class, but popular models may return more frequently. Return models are used about once every three months.

-Chairs and easels are provided. Please bring all other materials you plan to use. 

-Photographing models is strictly prohibited.  Please report this immediately to one of the administrators if you see this happening.

-Please be respectful of models and other attendees at all times.

- Once the posing begins, the doors are remain closed until the pose time is completed. There is no entering or leaving during pose times.

-Please place your cell phone on silence before the start of the session. 

- These sessions are designed for students who are serious about improving their art. Participation in the class by anyone for any non-artistic reason is prohibited.

*Ryuta Ueda's works

Contact Us

Any Questions? Feel free to contact us!


View works drawn by the students in Tokyo Croquis Class. 

Works by Ai Ohkawara and Ryuta Ueda (All works were drawn in Tokyo Croquis Class) 

【Currently not recruiting】


Non-Japanese Female and male Nude Model Wanted!!

Place: Tokyo, Japan 9000-10000YEN paid in cash on the same day (The posing time is  2 hours and 30 min. Transport fee negotiable)

*Model's booking is fixed from 1 to 2 months in advance a session.

Please send some your photographs which we can see your body line clearly.