Tokyo Croquis art online

Online Life Drawing Streaming

You can enjoy drawing our professional life models from the safety of your home using Zoom!

Tokyo Croquis Art Online provides online life drawing live streams with professional art models. 
Everyone is welcome regardless of experience. There are no instructors or lectures, but we are more than happy to answer any questions that might arise. 
Life drawing is a great way for artists, cartoonists, illustrators, or designers to practice,  improve drawing styles and express themselves. 

This is an online art community, so feel free to eat or drink during the class.   
< Our goals  > 

・Connect from home : You can connect from home or wherever you are comfortable. 

・High quality live streaming : Drawing online is a safer alternative to classes during this pandemic. 
・Different camera angles : You will have access to 2 - 3 different camera angles of the model. This makes it easy to focus on portraiture and/or closeups if you wish.

Our goal is to create a safe, friendly online alternative to our usual drop-in life drawing classes.  

You are invited to email your drawing to  after the event so we can upload them to our twitter, instagram or website gallery. 

■6 June, 2020   6:30 -8:50pm (JST) Online life drawing

Join safely from home.

This is a live stream so if you’d like to attend we recommend checking the time table for available meetings

Sunday,  6 June, 2020 (Japan Standard Time)

Zoom private Check in: 6:00 pm 
Posing time : 6:30- 8:50 pm (JST)
Fee: $12.00 USD (paypal)

Subject: Female life model wear Kimono Sketching (semi-nude)
Posing schedule D (Please check below.)

For this session, we will host Anna, a fashion model in her 20's that has appeared in many fashion and art magazines.  
She has a gorgeous body, and knows how to pose beautifully. 
She will wear Kimono as well as some different lingeries. 

←This is the model.

■21 June, 2020  6:30 - 8:50 (JST)  Online life drawing - Male semi-nude

This is a live stream so if you’d like to attend we recommend checking the time table for available meetings

Sunday,  21 June, 2020 (Japan Standard Time)

Zoom private Check in: 6:00 pm 
Posing time : 6:30- 8:50 pm (JST)
Fee: $12.00 USD (paypal)

Subject: Male life model (semi-nude)
Posing schedule D (Please check below.)

For this session, we will host Gabli, an Italian fashion model in her 20's that has appeared in TV, many fashion and art magazines.  He is very handsome and he has a gorgeous body.

■coming soon : the end of July 2020     2:00-4:30pm (JST)

ONLINE  Life Drawing Streaming with Japanese female dancer by Zoom

the end of July, 2020 
Zoom private check in: 1:30 pm

Posing time : 2:00 - 4:30 pm (JST)  from Tokyo

This is a live streaming so if you want to enjoy we recommend you to check the time board. 

Subject : Female semi- Nude Sketching 
Posing schedule B ( Please check below)
Fee:$ 12.00 USD  (Paypal)

We will be hosting our next live stream life drawing event on July. coming July we will be working with Mariko, a professional Tokyo-based life model and dancer.  The session will be tutored by Tokyo Croquis Art Online.


The pictures above show our young dancer in some sample poses. Her athletic body is both muscular and flexible, allowing you to focus on the female anatomy. During the live streaming, she will wear skin-colored underwear and provide acrobatic poses hard to find anywhere else. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to continue our classes from the comfort of your home!
Zoom online meeting room opens at 1:30pm(JST). We will start at 2 pm with a variety of different length poses. Please check the board below for further details 

■coming soon: Online Life Drawing, model Yuma Takaoka

coming soon 
Zoom private Check in: 1:30 pm(JST)
Posing time : 2:00- 4:30 pm (JST)
Fee: ¥1,500 yen $16.00 USD (Paypal)
Posing schedule D (Please check below.)

Subject:  Female life Sketching (semi-nude)

For this day we will rent a professional studio with high quality camera streaming from 3 different angles. 

The model is reminiscent of a Japanese “idol”. She will wear beautiful lingerie. 

In order to provide the best view, the cameramen will adjust the camera angles before each pose, so please be patient! Please check the pictures below to have a better idea of this special session.

Application Form

About participation fee *
We only accept PayPal. In order to participate please transfer the money the day before the online meeting.
After you filled the form, we will send you by email the invoice in order to proceed with the PayPal payment.

One day before the session, all those who have applied and paid for the session will receive the Zoom ID and the password via email.

Please check your email for confirmation. You can join the meeting 30 min prior to the session.  Please join at least 10 min before the session begins.

Rules and Policy

-Taking screenshots, recording and photographing models is strictly prohibited.
 Any violation of this rule may results in legal action.

-Please be respectful of models and other attendees at all times.


-Please place your cell phone on silence before the start of the session. 

-There is no place for negative comments.  Please be sure that all comments are appropriate.

- If for any reason  the scheduled model cannot attend,
we will provide another model.

- All fees are non-refundable.  

- Tokyo Croquis Art Online records every session.

■Time・Posing schedule

Japan Standard Time (JST), UTC +9


  1.    2:00 - 2:20
            (3 min break)

  2.   2:23 - 2:41
           (3 min break)
  3.   2:43 -3:04
           (10 min break)
  4.   3:14 - 3:34
             (3 min break)
  5.   3:37 - 3:57
             (3 min break)
  6.   4:00 - 4:20


  1.    6:30-6:50
            (3 min break)

  2.   6:53 - 7:11
           (3 min break)
  3.   7:14 - 7:34
           (10 min break)
  4.   7:44 - 8:04
             (3 min break)
  5.   8:07 - 8:27
             (3 min break)
  6.   8:30 - 8:50

Posing schedule   B

1. Four (4) 5 minute poses

2. Two(2) 9 minute poses

3. 20 minutes dynamic poses*

4. Two(2) 10 minute poses

5. One(1)20 minute poses

6. Four(4) 5 minute poses

*If no dynamic pose available, we will proceed with n1.

Posing sckedule  D

1. Four (4) 5 minute poses

2. Three(3) 9 minute poses

3. Two(2) 10 minute poses

4. Four (4) 5 minute poses

5. Two(2) 10 minute poses

6. Four(4) 5 minute poses



How to work Zoom controls

• Please check 
pin video
There are three camera options please pick the one you want and set it to full screen. After you choose one screen, right click on the three dots in the top right corner, and then please choose “pin video on first screen”. You will be able to set it to full screen.

• You will be prompted to create an account / download & install the Zoom app.

• Please take a few minutes to watch the Zoom video on joining meetings.  
• You can also see how to change the layout of your screen here.

 Please feel free to contact us! 

 Nude drawing and costume drawing are effective for painters, sculptors,  cartoonists and other creators to investigate the human body and expand drawing skills.

Tokyo Croquis Art Online Email
Organizer : Ai Ohkawara Artist 
Any Questions ? Please feel free to  contact us! 

■Non-Japanese Female and male Nude Model Wanted!!

Place: Tokyo, Japan 9,000-10,000 YEN paid in cash on the same day (The posing time is  2 hours and 30 min. Transport fee negotiable)

You can do model Anywhere.

*Model's booking is fixed from 1 to 2 months in advance a session.

Please send some your photographs which we can see your body line clearly.